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Mahabharat is the longest epic of ancient indian history. It is a Historical Saga which reveals the conflicts among the Pandavas and Kauravas & the holy preaching of Loard Krishna which are depicted in Geeta. Sardhana bears the honour of being a part of this glorious past. Hastinapur was ruled by the King Shantanu of Lunar dynasty. He had two sons, Bhishma and Vichitravirya. Bhishma did not marry throughout his life. Vichitrayirya married and had two sons named Pandu and Dhritrashtra. After the death of Pandu,Dhritrashtra succeeded over Hastinapur about 5800 years ago. During his regin there were differences amoong Pandavas and Kauravas regarding the throne of Hastinapur, according to the tradition and culture it was decided that Yudhisthir, the eldest of the Pandavas will adorn the throne. But the eldest son of Dhristrashtra was very jealous, he conspired against the Pandava brother and managed to exile them. On the confluence of River Hindon and Krishna(Kali Nadi)in Barnawa a huge Lac place(Lakshagrah)was build and Pandavas were asked to reside there. The way to Barnawa is via 'Sardhana' Pandavas stayed at Sardhana during thre visit to the Lac place. They decided to spend a night While there stay mother Kunti had a night mare that they all will be killed in the Lac palace, and to avoid this they should established a Shivaliya and named it as Vankhandi. This Vankhandi is situated in Sardhana and today it is known as Mahadev Mandir. Pepole from all over the country visit here. In the month of Shravan on Shivratri, thousands of disciples and Kanvarias bring the sacred water from Gaumukh and Haridwar nd Jalabhishek here. This magnificent Shivaliya established by the Pandavas, also has a belief of having a spiritual charm & wishes of many people have been fulfilled by having darshan of this Vankhandi.

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World Renouned Church

The Magnificent church of Sardhana is known as Shrine Basillica of our lady of graces. It was built by Farzana Begum, the princess of Sardhana. Pepole from world wide visit here with their wishes. In the mont of November, on second Saturday and Sunday special prayer and fair is or organized in which lacs of people participate.

Sardhana Church
Sardhana Industries

Industrial and Business Center

Sardhana is a important center of Khadi Industry. There are about 6000 Powerlooms from which Khadi is manufactured & exported world wide. Besides this there are 500 small scale factories of Nozzele Pilanzer.